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Retina Examination

I have read that a retinal exam should not hurt, yet I have had these exams 5 times in the last 2 months (four following surgery for a torn retina). Each time, it hurts A LOT when they keep pressing that instrument on my eye. I even jumped last time when the Dr. pressed on my tear duct. I feel like such a baby because it is not supposed to hurt. Are they pressing too hard? Is it their technique that could be improved upon? Do you have any idea why it hurts me so much? Thank you.
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Yes, they hurt me too. I hate the scleral exams.
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Some retinas are hard to examine and sometimes they do hurt (I prefer the word 'uncomfortable')
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A scleral depression examination should not hurt It really depends on the skill of the examiner.  I have had multiple scleral depression exams  over the past two years after my retinal detachment and there is no pain with the more experienced doctors.  I have not had patient complain about this exam after a few years in practice.

Dr. O.
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