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Retina detachment optic nerve damage

I had retina detachment surgery 5months ago. Now have optic nerve damage. Missing lower portion of visual field. Saw two neuro ophthalmologists- one said it could have been caused by drop in blood pressure, a second said it was drop in IOP when the vitreous fluid was released during surgery - which was due to my high myopia.  I am confused.  My blood press during surgery dropped to 90/50-is that remarkably low?  Also, the second neuro ophthal never dilated my eyes to look at my optic nerve, yet he said that because my glasses look like I have high myopia (-5) that my optic disk is small therefore predisposing me to AION?  Is it possible for a dr to know that the optic disk is small just by looking at the patient's glasses? If so, shouldn't the retinal specialist have known that the patient had a small optic disk, therefore drop the IOP slowly before surgery? (I reported for surgery in th a.m. And had surgery in late afternoon.) both neuro ophthalmologists are from top Southern California medical  universities. Thank you - I am 54 years old & devastated. Teach pre-k.  
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90/50 is low.   Other causes include damage from the retrobulbar injection (if you had a local) and elevate IOP after surgery.  I doubt that the drop in IOP from the release of vitreous fluid cause this.  

Dr. O.
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Is optic nerve damage rare during surgery?  I was under general anesthesia- if my blood pressure went down so low shouldn't the anesthesiologist have noticed & corrected it quickly or stopped the surgery while she adjusted my blood pressure?  I am really worried that this will happen to my left eye, which was always my weaker eye (-6).  I have lattice deg in both eyes. If My opt nerve is damaged in the left eye, i will be completely blind.  The ret spec who did my surgery is the head of the dept & I was told he was number one! I am changing doctors now--and health plans.
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Thank you for your response.  I have another question.  My surgery was done under general anesthesia- I had a vitrectomy, scleral buckle, and gas bubble.  If my blood pressure was at 90/50 for about half hour during surgery, could it possibly cause blood flow to my opt nerve to be diminished?  Does an anesthesiologist normally stop a surgery in order to bring a person's blood pressure up to an acceptable level?  
I am obviously devastated, and I have been researching the Internet non stop for answers to my vision loss.  Your website is the best!
I am very worried that I could have the same thing happen to my left eye, then be completely blind.  My left eye is -6, and has lattice as well. My ret specialist is considered number one at the large HMO where I had the surgery. I plan to change health plans, but it won't take effect until October. Thanks again.
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