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Retina detachment scleara gas buckle surgery , still not able to see...!

Alright, so I had a partial retina detachment in my right eye in May. The doctor got me into the hospital for surgery the day after I saw him, and I was told it was very close to a full detachment, which they believe was caused by horrible nearsightedness as well as a smack to the head earlier that day which may have pushed it all overboard.

Anyways, before the surgery (2 years before) I had lasix surgery. Since the gas bubble surgery for the retina detachment I can now see a little out of my right eye (as before it was almost pitch black). I  can make out large fonts etc, but I cannot make out shapes on a 42" tv from over 10 ft away. Is this due to a cataract and would having surgery fix it? Or do I need to get some sort of glasses now with one perscription lens for the eye that had the detachment? Do I need to have lasix redone on it? Any info would be appreciated as this is becoming very frightening! (I am 24!)
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It is very possible that you have developed a cataract in that eye, but it is impossible to say without an exam.  I would see your general ophthalmologist for a full exam to include refraction (check for the eye's prescription) and a dilated exam to evaluate the lens and retina.  If you have a cataract, removing it should help you see better.  The vision can then be corrected with the implant lens and you do not need LASIK again.  
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What do you mean "corrected with the implant lens" ? Can you recommend me someone to see somewhere in the USA for the cataract surgery? I had my surgery for the retina attachement done in Cleveland Ohio but I am willing to travel for a better surgeon as I did for my hernia surgeries (which also have been hell). I have followups every few months for that eye I had the surery on, and I have one in February. We do the reading test, the dilation dots, then a doc looks me over and checks for a cataract. Last time he said there was one forming. Is the cataract surgery expensive? Maybe I start with that, and get that done?

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