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Retina surgery hemorrhage

Had Vitrectomy ERM/ILM peel surgery 2 weeks ago.  During surgery Doc said he had a small hemorrhage (due to pulling) that he lasered.  
My question is, does all surgery related hemorrhages  mean that he caused a tear in my retina ?
Hence, do I need to be concerned that fluid got behind ?
Any and all opinions would be appreciated.
Thank you !
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The retinal is lasered if the doctor was concerned about a tear or possible tear.  You should not have any problems from this.

Dr. O.
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Thank you Dr. O,
The laser machine broke down and he had to wait approx. 10 min. to get a different machine in the room and warmed up, so I was concerned that in that 10 min. fluid may have worked behind the retina if indeed it was a tear.
Is it possible that he may have just pulled on a vessel without tearing anything?

I wasn't sure if I asked him this directly that I would actually get a forthright answer since he
knew that I knew the laser machine broke down .  I just want to know for my piece of mind.

If you can share anymore insight on this, I would GREATLY appreciat it.  Thank you !
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