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Retinal Detachment Surgery at 22 years old scleral buckle


I am a 22 year old usually healthy male. In a check up to have refractive surgery the surgeon checking me noticed I have a few retinal holes in both eyes. I had both eyes treated with laser to seal the retinal holes, and was cleared to have refractive surgery. The retina doctor kept saying that the retinas are very weak though. Two months after having the refractive surgery, I went to a checkup on my retina, and they told me I had a retinal detachment in my left eye, which I did not know because I had not seen any symptoms, meaning that the macula was still attached. He even told me I had a detachment in my right eye but that it was "localized" and that it was surrounded by scars that he had done with laser so there was no need for a scleral buckle.

I had a scleral buckle put on the eye about 3 weeks ago now, and am really disappointed that I once again have a refractive error in the eye, right after I had refractive surgery..
Before the refractive surgery I had about -5.5 diopters and 2.5 astigmatism in both eyes.
I should also mention that both my parents had retinal detachment, but at a much older age than me, without every having any operation on their eyes, and my mother has low myopia, while my father has similar prescription to mine.

Now I am living with one good eye one bad eye.
My questions are:
Will the vision in the eye with scleral buckle improve, or will it always have a refractive error from now on?
Can I go back to playing sports like basketball volleyball?
Can I go back to the gym and do pushups/pullups?

This is all very important to me as I am still just 22 years old and don't want this to ruin aspects of my life.

Thank you
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I need further information to answer your question and some clarification.

1. Did your parents really have retinal detachments? Very very unusual and if they did they would need laser, or gas bubble or scleral bubble. Far more likely your parents had 'vitreous detachment' which many people confirm. Vitreous detachment is a normal part of the way the eye ages and does not require surgery and effects 75% of people by age 75.
2. What is your vision in the  left eye (LE) which had the scleral buckle with a glasses test (refraction) and what is the vision with that glasses RX?  What is the vision in your RE and what is the refraction.
3. A sclearal buckle always makes the eye more myopic or near sighted.
4. Was the RD in the LE a macula off detachment.
5. I would strongly suggest you get a 2nd opinion as soon as possible from a different group of highly regarded retina Eye MD surgeons.  I am not sure you should have been okayed for refractive surgery, and i would want another opinion about leaving the RE alone without additional laser.
6. If you have brothers or sisters they are at high risk of RD. They should see an ophthalmologist, perhaps even a retina surgeon ophthalmologist to check for holes, tears, thin areas, etc. They need an annual exam by an ophthalmologist 'forever'
7. I believe the great majority of ophthalmologists including retina surgeons would advise you to avoid contact sports because of the high risk of trauma to the eye even with protective eyewear. Clearance to do push up/pull ups/weight lifting etc would need to come from an ophthalmologist that has looked in your eyes and seen the retina.

Give me this information, and take these actions. I'm happy to continue the discussion.
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