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Retinal Hemorrhage

Does anyone know how long it takes for a Intraretinal Hemorrhage to completely clear? My doctor said the blood and fluid have cleared but things still look slightly distorted in my hemorrhaged eye.
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There is no way to answer your question. If blood is in the vitreous it can persist indefinitely and sometimes has to be removed surgically with a vitrectomy. If the blood is in or under the retina it can persist for long periods of time.  Also the amount of blood is important, a tiny drop versus a large amount.
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Thanks. My Ophthalmologist thinks my retinal hemorrhage might be due to the covid virus since there is nothing structurally wrong with my eye. My symptoms started at the end of January when I  was in quarantine due to my husband testing positive. I never actually had covid. I tested negative twice. So, could covid really be the cause of my hemorrhage?

Also, I usually see my Hematologist every 6 months due to being anemic and needing iron transfusions. I was wondering if anemia could cause a retinal hemorrhage?
From what you have posted there is no way that I can tell how much and where in the back of the eye the bleeding is.  Retinal hemorrhage is not a feature of COVID.  Anemia can cause small hemorrhages in the retina usually called dot/blob or flame shapped hemorrhages. Again I can't be exact because of what I said in the first sentence. If your eye doctor isn't alarmed, the amount of blood must be very small.

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