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Retinal Tear - After Laser Surgery

About a year ago, my dad started compaining about some floaters blurring his vision. The doctor told us that he had a couple of retinal tears. So, we got the laser surgery done. We continued routine checkups with the doctor for around 4 months hence. My dad still compalined about the floaters, but, the doctor assured us that the eye was just healing and this would stop soon. Its been a year now and he's still not able to see properly. The doctor's left the country for good and so we can't consult him.Could you please help me out?We do not know what the problem exactly is and why the floaters haven't cleared up as yet.What do you suggest we do about it?Besides,dad's also developed a cataract in his other eye and now can hardly see a thing.
I'd really appreciate your help.
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Laser surgery (or cryo- freezing) surgery to close retinal holes or tears does NOT treat the floaters. That is not the purpose of the operation. The laser or cryo- seal the hole/tear shut to prevent a retinal detachment. The floaters may or may not go away. As we age the number of people with floaters increases by about 10% per decade of life after age 10. Floaters as a rule do not cause reduced vision. Retinal tears, especially those treated with laser, do not cause reduced vision.

Your father desperately needs to see a respected Eye MD ophthalmologist-physician to determine why his vision is down (the most common cause is cataracts followed by macular degeneration). After that he needs treatable causes of reduced vision treated. You can find a Board Certified member of the Am Acad of Ophthalmology at www.aao.org

Everyone over 60 needs an annual exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist in my opinion.


IF you get a chance post and let us know what the problems are.
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