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Retinal photo consistent with floater?

http://www.ehdp.com/out/R-Eye-Compare-2018-11-12-2021-06-23.jpg shows two optomap photos of my right eye.

Top old photo is from 11/2018 when symptoms of posterior vitreous detachment started. My right eye had peripheral light flashes and a large floater in the upper right visual field. Light flashes went away after about one year. The floater remains.

In 7/2021 I went back for routine visit to optometrist. Lower new photo from 7/2021 has one big change, with squiggly black bar below and to the left of the optic disc.

The optometrist says the black bar is 100% the floater, and he sees something like that all the time. An ophthalmologist who viewed the photo says he has not seen anything like the black bar, and not sure what it is. So two very different opinions. I looked online, hoping to find some similar images, and could not find anything. Is the black bar the floater, or maybe something else? Any similar images someone can post? Thanks
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It is not possible to tell from the photo you posted since there is no 3-D depth perception and not possible to tell if the black line is floating above the retina or on/in the retina. I suggest you see an ophthalmologist for a real live dilated exam. It should be easy to tell looking in the eye.
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One other comment, if that is a floater it is a very unusual looking, very different color than most floaters. So I disagree with your optom on that point.
Thank you for helpful response. The optometrist said "The black bar is an absolutely classic floater.  It is exactly what one would expect after posterior vitreal detachment." I also found the black bar unusual looking, and was surprised that it did not show up on the 11/2018 photo, taken a few days after the PVD started, when the floater was already visible. Any other opinions from experts on this discussion group? Thanks again.
Best of luck. See an Eye MD ophthalmologist to put your mind at rest.
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