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Retinal troubles

I experienced a PVD in October that resulted in two retinal tears and three laser surgeries a few weeks apart. I had enough blood in my eyeball that my vision was very obscured. The third laser procedure was at a "higher" power level to penetrate the fog.
Back for a recheck I mentioned I had developed a small but persistent blind spot. I had several tests, one involved photos of my retinas the other used a laser to measure the thickness of an epiretinal membrane.
This has gotten significantly worse to where my dominant eye is pretty blind in 4 months. I was told I could do a peel as now I have Amsler distortion as well. However I am worried about the state of my retina following the last round of tests. Immediately after leaving the clinic I could see afterimage of blood vessels upon every blink. It has not gotten better. Can retinas 'heal' this kind of damage?
The scariest symptom is that when I awake and open my eye every morning or when going from a dark to light situation I get a central blind spot that blooms from the middle, persisting for 30-60 seconds as it grows to half my visual field then slowly fades back to transparency again from the center to the edges. It cannot be seen through. Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?
Lastly I have a lot of things moving across my sight. Look at a blue sky. I have
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Your concern is evident but your problem is not one we can give you specific information or answer with any reliability the questions you pose. You need to discuss these with your retina Eye MD and/or get a second opinion
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..faint black foggy areas coming and going, tiny clear things shooting around (not floaters, more like tiny swimming fish zinging around). I can see through them but it's a lot of motion. Then there are little black pepper sparks all over that are like looking up through glass at a rainstorm. There's a lot of them and they pop in and out of existence really fast. This stuff is going on both eyes.
Try explaining this in your doctors office.  What is going on with me. Is it my traumatized retina? My optic nerves? My addled brain?  I am afraid to insult my poor eye any further with another surgery if it could lead to losing the little binocular vision I have left. Though I now see four headlights instead of two and have to cover the bad eye to read. Could the film be putting traction on the retina?  I have had pressure readings at 20 for many years, everybody says there are no early symptoms of glaucoma but. What do you think is going on and what do I do.
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