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Right eye pain when I read

I use eye glasses to read but since about six months I've been feeling a pain in my right eye when I read on any paper or on a computer.I had an eye exam with an optometrist two weeks ago and she told me that everything looked fine except that there is dryness, and that may cause the pain.I only use the glasses to read.

Thanks for your response.
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Dry eyes can cause discomfort in the eyes when reading, watching movies or TV and using a computer. Usually its both eyes. This can often be helped by using artificial tears before a session on the computer and each 10-15 minutes look away from the screen across the room and blind 4-5 times.

I also suggest you see a eye physician (Eye MD or Ophthalmologist) for a comprehensive medical eye examination. It will be more thorough and in depth than the exam from the non-physician, limited scope eye care practitioner (optometrist).

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