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Risk of laser retinopexy OU

Hi, a week ago, I suddenly experience two big floaters together with many small bubbles like in my left eyes. My left eye vision was blurry, especially in the center.  I had cataract surgery in both of my eyes in late March and early April this year.  I have IOL most updated version lenses.  I was fine after surgery, except my left eye seeing things with distorted horizontal lines and a curved surface.  I have severe myopia and my eye MD who did cataract surgery for me told me I have a high risk of RD.  I went to see RS right away. He did 360-degree binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy with scleral depression to access PVD.  He told me the good news that I don't have any retinal tears, holes or breaks OD.  But the bad news is I have small atrophic hole OS in both of my eyes.  He recommended doing laser retinopexy OU given my situation.  I would like to know what the risks associated with this laser surgery.  Also, after this surgery, will my left eye ever get clear vision again? - not feel like seeing thru a layer of fog.  

Thank you
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First you say you have an atrophic hold in your OS (left eye) then you say both eyes.  Which is it.  Given your high myopia and having had cataract surgery you are at higher than normal risk of retinal detachment.   The risk depends on the size and location of the holes.  Worse place is upper outer retina, best place in lower inner.  Treating with laser means the surgeon feels the risk of laser is worth it to reduce the risk of RD from one of these holes.  Standard risks of laser include:  failure to prevent RD, swelling of the macula, permanent partial dilation of the pupil, dark spot projected into the peripheral vision 180 degree opposite the laser treatment.  The purpose of the operation is NOT to make you see better. the operation will not remove or get rid of vitreous floaters. More information than that you will need to get from your surgeon.
Dr. Hagan, thanks for your prompt reply.  Very valuable information.  Sorry, I did not know what OS meant.  I just copied what my the test report said. But my RD told me I have hole in my right eye as well.  He said he would do laser treatment for left eye first, then do right eye.  I went to see eye urgent care yesterday afternoon.  EyeMDs there confirmed that I have PVD in my left eyes and saw vitreous floaters.  But they did not see any holes.  They said the reason I might have cloudy vision was more like secondary cataract.  Some tissue was not completely cleaned out during my original cataract surgery.  This one I did remember surgeon who did my cataract surgery did mention that there was tiny piece tissue left there.  Because of my high myopia and risk of RD, he did not want to push it.  He planned to use laser to get rid of it after my eyes are stabilized from cataract surgery.  They told me they are not retina specialist.  I made another appointment to see different retina specialist next Monday.

Put RD aside (I will follow up with my RS), anything can help me to improve clear vision?  Thank you!
Dr. Hagan, could you recommend Retina Specialist in Chicago Area?  I googled it - it returns many choices but don't know which one to choose.  Thank you again for your advice.
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I personally don't know any retinal surgeons but any associated with U of Chicago, Northwestern, or Loyola  Dept of ophthalmology should be great.
Dr. Hagan, I cannot express my gratitude enough to you.  I was always optimist until these two weeks.  I booked an appointment to see RS at Northwestern Dept of Ophthalmology next Monday.  Thank you so much.  

I am a marathon runner.  Can I still keep my training?  I have Chicago Marathon and MCM in coming October.  I was so depressed that I was told not to run by my first RS.  He said it is not good running while vitreous shrinks.  It would cause RD.  I also was surprised to learn that even head down yoga is not good I am not advanced yoga practitioner. I cannot do head stand, nor I would try to learn it now. But can I still do like forward fold position, either by standing or sitting?  How about bike riding, indoor or outdoor, or light weight lift, or body weight workout?

Thank you!
Because these retina problems are so unique and different it is not possible to generalize about the activities you ask about. Since one retina surgeon told you not to run I would not run until you speak with your new RD.  Same with all the other activities.    I am a former marathon runner. I have done and published much research on heart damage from marathon running over decades of life especially after 40.  Read these two sets of articles:   http://www.msma.org/uploads/6/2/5/3/62530417/hearts_breaking_over_marathon_running_marapr2014_missouri_medicine_media.pdf          and    http://www.msma.org/uploads/6/2/5/3/62530417/marathon_running_an_unhealthy_addiction_editorial_mar_apr_2018_momed.pdf    and  http://www.msma.org/uploads/6/2/5/3/62530417/goldilocks_zone_for_exercise_not_too_little_and_not_too_much_mar_apr_2018_momed.pdf
Thank you again for your valuable inputs.  
Happy to help
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