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Running and Holes in Retina

I am 36 and very short sighted (-27 aprox.). Two years ago, my eye doctor discovered two holes and treated them with laser. Next week I will get again some laser treatment to fix new holes. The doctor told me not do strong exercise (which I know and avoid) and also prescribed to avoid running (recommended to byke instead). I have congenital high colesterol and occasionally arrhythmias and do run regularly about 30 to 60 mins 3 times a week. I have started to run very softly a year ago and managed to get a liking for it. It is now a substantial part of my life, as I work a lot in front of computers and it helps to disconect and feel healthy. I just wanted to know if I can carry on with running or if I should give it up, as in the long term it would be dangerous.

Thanks very much for this wonderful page.

Raúl , Spain
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You are at extremely high risk for a retinal detachment, which has a poor prognosis in very nearsighted patients and a particularly poor prognosis in men.  If I owned those eyes I wouldn't be doing any kind of running, jogging, trampolining, or riding on speed boats, period.  Nor would ride on roller coasters or other jolting type "fun rides".

Take up elliptical training, biking, power-walking, or swimming.  It's a necessary lifestyle change to reduce your risk of blindness.
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Thank you very much for your clear answer. I have only started to be aware of the real risks that come with my eyes, and it is taking some time to come to terms with it. If I may add another question: should I look for a work with less computerscreen exposure, can it also affect my eyes? I may as well start to change my lifestyle all around.

Thanks, Raúl

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