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SLT laser Glaucoma

Hi l had SLT laser ten days ago in my right eye , my pressure was 20 , l went to my Optometrist to get my pressure checked and it was still 20, does that almost certainly mean SLT was a failure for me if l am still 20 after ten days ?or is there still a good chance it might start to work in a month or two
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It takes 6-8 weeks to see the effectiveness of SLT.  Also the IOP varies hour to hour and  several reading over the coming months will be necessary to see if helped. General success rate is about 75%
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Thanks so is fairly normal  or common for many people not to have a lower pressure a week after SLT but  then 6-8 weeks it kicks in and  the pressure lowers ?
Your IOP is never 20 all the time. If checked every hour it goes up and down.  That is called 'diurnal curve' just like your blood pressure and blood sugar change from hour to hour.  So if pressure is up, down, same as the day of treatment it doesn't tell you anything about the success.
thnaks , so l have no reason to be discouraged yet , the next reading on a different day or time of day could be my target pressure of 15 and if after several readings over the next month its lower then 20 then its a success
No reason at all to be discouraged
If its not successful  could l have SLT done again in a few months  or if its not successful the first time it wont be successful a second time?
No if not work the first time no going to work the second time.  WIthout getting too technical most eye surgeons including me treat 360 degree of the drainage angle,    if your surgeon only treated 180 degree and the IOP went down some but not enough some surgeons would treat the other 180 degrees   You would need to ask your surgeon if treated all or half of the drainage trabeculum.
What are the risks of SLT?
If my next visual field test isn't good, my ophthalmologist told me I may have to add another eye drop (I take latanoprost and dorzolamide+timolol now) or try SLT.  IOP readings the last few years of 18 or less.
However since my right eye glaucoma may have been due to an eye trauma from 40 years ago might that reduce the chance of SLT success?
Latanoprost is not as strong as travaprost (same family of glaucoma medications).  Travaprost became generic in Jan 2020 and is now much less expensive. Consider going on it.  Usually will  lower IOP 2 pts at least more than latanoprost.  SLT doesn't have many risks, (unlike ALT which had post laser spikes of high IOP).  Glaucoma due to trauma is less likely to respond than the regular primary open angle glaucoma (POAG).  There is also a much more expensive medication Vysultra and Rhopresa that might be tried.  Travaprost is what is would suggest substituting for latanoprost.
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