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Scar tissue after third retina detachment.

Posted By Judy on August 21, 1999 at 11:59:37
   I have had three detachments, after I experienced a large flash of light and thousands of black specks in my eye.  The gas bubble in the eye was the first, then after three days of postioning my head, it tore in another spot, which the doctor said was the largest tear he had seen.  I then had the buckle.
On June 21st the scar tissue detached the retina again,which at that time the doctor took off the scar tissue and reatached the retina. My vision at this time is 2070. My question is after the scar tissue heals will my eye sight improve or will the scar tissue keep it from improving?  I'm a bus driver and I have to have 20/40 to be able to return, will that happen or am I reaching for the impossible.    
   I have had no eye problems at all up to this point, except slightly nearsighted. I'm 50 years old, and thought I was in great health.
   Thank you for your imput.


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Re: Scar tissue after third retina detachment.  hfhs md ke 8/21/1999

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