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Sclertits in Eye - next step?
Hi Dr.

As I mentioned before, I have been diagnosed with epi/scleritis in my right eye. I have been going to a reputable eye center (Mass Eye and Ear) and the uveitis specialist initially put me on prednisolone drops for 2 weeks. While the drops helped initially, the redness came back after about a week and a half. When I saw him after the 2 weeks, he had me continue with the drops and also take 600mg of ibuprofen 2Xday. This is making a great difference and after 1 week it has cleared up considerably, but is still pink in some areas. I plan on seeing him next week and was wondering if the ibuprofen does not totally clear up this redness, what would possibly be the next steps?

Would I be put on immunosuppressives? Have a injection of steroids in the eye? Go on another NSAID? Or try taking oral steroids?

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Please understand that you are being seen at a truly world class program, particularly in the field of uveitis and scleritis.  Please follow the directions of your ophthalmologist and you should do well.  I cannot give you better advice than your current doctors - sorry - but you're at the best possible place already.

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