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Seeing Colored Spots

Since I was 15 I have had migraines that produce visual aura, the zig zag lines for approx 30 minutes followed by an intense headache.  However - Starting 3 months ago i have had a different type of ocular migraine -  I will see a colored spot or blob (definitely not floaters, i already have those and know what they are) These blobs/spots occur in alternating eyes and sometimes in both eyes for about 5-10 min then go away, however these episodes can last throughout the day several times.  And I've had them almost everyday for the past 2 months. There is no headache associated with seeing the colored spots however i do have a desk job where i am staring at the computer 7 hours straight, and this seems to have started and worsened the ocular migraines.  I went to a headache specialist yesterday and he said this condition was not indicative of a migraine and that I need to have an MRI performed to rule out anything such as a tumor,etc..
Additionally I have had a retinal tear in one eye approximately 3 months ago, Went to see my retinal surgeon and he told me it had nothing to do with the actual eye itself and that it HAD to be nurological.  I also have intense neck pain from sitting at my desk, not sure if this is related.  This is driving me crazy and I'm slightly worried it is serious.

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Yes a retinal tear would not cause the types of spots/blobs you describe. Yes because things have changed you do need a neurological work up. Be sure you do not smoke and are not on birth control pills which can make migraine do damage.

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Just an update.... My colored blobs have gone away for the most part  I started my thyroid medication and the colored spots have gone from about 40 a day to 2 or 3 every other day. It's so great!  However, my sparkles of light have increased.  I have seen sparkles since the age of 19.  I first started seeing them when i looked at snow and now whenever I look at anything slightly bright, including computer screens i see those darned sparkles - they're everywhere.  It drives me NUTZ.    I have noticed the sparkles increase when my stress levels increase.  anyways, I would really appreciate if anyone could e-mail me and let me know about their special eye situation..It helps to know that others are dealing with the same things you are.

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eye doctor say my eyes are healthy .I have seen color spots at 8 years old. First scared me living a nightmare. Then seeing cells or color have increase on the 4th of July 2012. However my vision is seeing was normal and good health. However I wear eye glasses now and vision have started to decrease in vision. With God always on the winning side I have victory of this matter. lorettataylor_2006***@**** or
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I have been seeing spots for over a year now.  They are all uniform and in color.  My whole visual area is effected and they are in lined up horizontally as well as vertically. I have asked my doctors what is causing this but none have an answer. Yesterday my GP actually asked me if I have ever been diagnosed schizophrenic.  I am at a loss as to what this can be.  The dots are now connecting by a thin line.  PLEASE someone let me know what is causing this in my vision.
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