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Seeing green tint (chartruese color) in morning upon awakening

This tint of green-overall not blotches, has happened before in the past a few times.  My vision is not deteriorating, but I'm trying to link it up to something in my diet (or lack of).  It occurs immediately upon awakening, but only lasts a few seconds, then everything is normal. I'm 50 y/o woman with no health problems (thyroid exception). My BP is usually normal between 120 -130 but can spike shortly a bit higher.  I take no BP meds.  Could it be a spike in BP? I had some unusually salty food last night.  Or could it be something else?
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I had not heard this complaint in over 30 years of practice.  I would suggest you see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

Dr. O.
My son has it too.. and we're told all the time by even ophthalmologists that they never heard of it either. A quick google search shows you hundreds of posts about this type of thing.
Read the rest of this string. It's a common complaint and observation and pretty well discussed in this string.
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Thank you for your reply. However, on this forum there are at least 3 other complaints almost exactly like this one I have.  There is even an 8 year old girl who has it.  Here is another:


By Dondi2| Dec 01, 2009


Answered by Michael J Kutryb, MD


Thank you doctor for your reply.  However, on this forum there are at least 3 other people who have this same, strange thing.  One is an 8 year old girl.

Here is another post below that I copied.  This person has diabetes, but I do not and I do not take meds. So this thing does happen to people.  Of all the other answers I do not see a viable answer.  Can anyone give an answer?

"This morning when I first woke up, I saw a green hue over everything.  It just lasted a moment or two.  The rest of the day has been normal.  What could this be?  I do have type 2 diabetes.  Any info would be appreciated.  thank you"

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11-24-12 Hello. I just woke up and for a split second or two, everything was a green tint. I mean everything, both eyes! Anyway, I jumped on line, kind of panicking, and was eager to try to find out what this was. I see a few posts of others having had this happen to them. I have type 2 diabeyes. 5 days ago was my worst doctor's visit ever, with an a1c of 10.1 . I am a 44 year old male. I am 378 pounds and take ZIAC blood pressure medicine and Metformin 1000mg twice a day. Also take EFFEXOR-XR.  These meds I have been taking together for 2-3 years and today was the only time I have awoken to see this scary green tint. The only med he (The Doctor) added different to me this time (5 days ago) was ACTOS. Also, for five days straight, I have basicly fasted. NO SUGAR at all, been waling 15 minutes a day, drinking water, and over these five days, my blood sugar levels have gone from 234, to 209, to 179, to 166 to 163 this morning.  Im definitely staying on my walking and NO SUGAR program I have started myself, and watching carbs and keeping an eye on my blood sugar level.  I am determined now to try to get my health in shape. One more thing, although probably not related, I had a retina-detachment  several years back in my right eye, but this green tint vision was both eyes. Also, I believe I had fallen asleep with the overhead light on and may have been awakening facing up and the light may have been in my eyes. Was this the same for anyone else? I read one post response where it mentioned the sun and everything being a different shade of color, then it would resume to normal? anyway, I just wanted others to know that you are not alone and I am concerned as well. Ben in Georgia
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I too starting noticing this, but only after a daytime nap (probably because my bedroom is on the dark side.  It's more a turquoise color and noticeable only on things that are already greenish-blue.  It's actually quite beautiful.  I've not thought it anything to be concerned about, but I'll probably see my eye doctor after reading the comments.  Telling you my age will give you the wrong image, because my health and physical condition is excellent.  That said, I'm a 71-year old male.  My B/P is normal and I'm no medications.
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I too, have had this same issue upon waking for the last few months. It's not every morning, but has happened enough times to concern me into looking it up on the net!
Most of the time I see green on everything that isn't white (like the walls and ceiling remain white), but sometimes it has been a blueish color, also. After I blink a few times and wake up a bit, it goes away.
Hope we can all figure out why! (I don't have diabetes, but I do have high BP and thyroid issues)
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I too have been seeing bright green the moment I open my eyes this week and in a split second it's all normal.  This happened a year or so ago too, just intermittently.  I am on no meds, don't have an eye problem (wear glasses so have my eyes checked regularly), no health problems.  I wanted to add this because of you stating that in 30 years you hadn't heard of this.  It happens to people, they just don't know who to tell or what it is.  I want to just know what causes it, that's all.
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I've experienced this too.
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I've experienced waking up with the green tint over everything several times in past several months and am starting to get concerned. It's beautiful to see though. I am a 73-year old woman. I also had torn retinas operated on a few years back so that may be a clue. I take blood pressure, cholesterol, Cymbalta and gabapentin medications.  I will get checked out for diabetes since is mentioned more than once. Will also make an apt with ophthalmologist.
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Have the same problem; I have found cyanopsia (check Wikipedia) which seems to be harmless but talks about a blue tint. Maybe our green (mine is definitely green) is just a variant of cyanopsia?
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Happens to me too! Either bright yellow or bright green. Glad to know its not just me! :)
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I occasionally experience the green tint to ALL objects. It lasts only a few moments but believe me, it is dramatic.
It generally happens when I nap in either a recliner or some other raised position. I don't recall it occurring when awaking on a bed.
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I have this same problem after an afternoon nap. But everything & everyone is bright yellow. I thought maybe it is because I work in a chicken hatchery where formaldehyde is used (for disinfectant) which causes the chicks to hatch out yellow.
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