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Seeing light beams underneath light source and starbursts

I am concerned about this.

I’ve noticed that when I go outside I see starbursts around headlights of cars and also when I look up at the streetlights. Before I would only notice them without my glasses but now even when I wear my glasses I see them. It’s like the light extends all the way vertically both bottom and top.

Also, I’ve noticed that when I blink at a light source such as a TV or my phone/computer, I see the light from that object almost like it’s being dragged down every time I blink. It’s like a trail being dragged down from the light source vertically as well. It’s kind of like that light beam you get when you squint your eyes but I see even when I blink.

I’m worried that it could be something serious but I just went to my optometrist about 1-2 months ago and everything seemed fine. I have nearsightedness but only mild. -1.50 in left eye and -1.25 in right eye.

What could this be? Please help!
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Sounds like t's a Astigmatism slightly misshapen eye ball  that very common what the Axis for your eyes?  
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I’m not sure. I’ve never been diagnosed with Astigmatism before.

Would that explain why when I watch TV and blink the color or light source from the TV drags down towards the bottom in my vision? Maybe I just never noticed it before.
Very much so it's how I have always seen the world as it's gotten worse as I have gotten older. It's worse at night and in darker rooms. My doctor never told me I had one either I had to figure it out on my own. You should look on your prescription it should have the Sphere, Cyn, Axis and Add.  If you have a number under Axis you have an astigmatism which lots of us have.  
I feel for you. It is definitely annoying, maybe I’m just focusing on it more now or it probably just got a little worse. I definitely notice it more at night especially with streetlights and headlights, they pretty much look like fireworks. How do you cope with it? Will it only continue to get worse with age? Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely check my prescription.
I've had them since birth I didn't know people didn't see the starbursts I just always that that's how people saw things. Then I saw a add for corrective eye surgery and they showed pictures of normal vision and vision with astigmatism and suddenly I figure out I have crappier vision then I thought lol
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Did you find any solution for this? Thank you
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