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Seeing starbursts...All normal during doctor consultation...said I have Dry eyes...

Sir, Iam having headache and aching pain in eye...I had history eye injury but recovered....I had consulted opthalmologist they checked and said everything is normal but I had dry eyes..they suggested systane ultra polythene glycol 400 eye drops....iam using them ....iam seeing starbursts at day and night around lights and reflections.....I had myopia....Does dry eyes or heavy strain due to smartphone CAN cause starbursts.....or eye drops have side effects...... please suggest any remedy for starbursts can I recover from it......PLEASE
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What kind of an eye injury? If you had a cornea injury you could have a scar on your cornea causing the problem. If it is dry eye it should go away, at least temporarily, when you put in artificial tears or blink.   Using any type of electronic screen and reading cause decreased blink rate and drying of the eyes. Look away from the screen each 10-15 minutes, focus across the room and blink 6-7 times firmly.   You can also get a second opinion if the problem persists from another eye MD
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I had got chemical spray in one eye Before 3 months...Now iam recovered....Recently iam having headache,blur vision and starbursts.....Doctor said it's Becoz of dry eyes...Iam using artificial tears,,But my starbursts and blurr vision not bettered
ou can also get a second opinion if the problem persists from another eye MD
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