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Seeing translucent Trails behind slow moving objects, what could have caused this?

I've been having an issue for the last couple months and I'm not sure if other eye issues have caused it or what.

When I wave my hand in front of my face, slowly, I see a translucent version of my hand, or object, playing catch up. It lags behind for a half a second to one second. I have to be looking past my hands at the background, not focused on the hand moving, to see it. This is causing me INSANE stress and anxiety, as I see it all the time. When people move their hands around I'm seeing a bit of trail to it, watching even t.v and people moving their hands and such up and down or an object, shows some type of white/translucent blur and trail to it, albeit very quickly, but very noticeable and looks completely different than how I used to see.

Although I don't know if this pertains to this issue, around November of 2016, my eyes got worse, nearsightedness I assume or astigmatism worsening (though from exams earlier I only had mild nearsightness based on the -1.5 number). I started seeing beams of light coming down from light sources (car lights, lamps ect.) that i never saw before. Even my screen shows this light coming down past the black border of the screen frame reaching the desk. Basically all light sources except very dim ones. My eyes appear to get sore sometimes too, which I never had before. I've used the computer extensively for almost 14 years and starting to believe this is the cause of my eyes getting worse, but I really don't know. Even with long breaks and less usage, I've seen no change in general eye health.

So essentially, I can't seem to identify if these "trails" are normal or not. Is this just sensory anxiety that I'm stuck in, or a real issue that is not normal. This is mainly an issue with slow to normally paced movements in the peripheral. If I use an object or my hands quickly back and forward, it looks what I assume is natural, just a "blur", as motion blur in normal and natural. However, slowing it down creates this extension of the object that comes off the object and lags behind, catching up to the object once it stops. Waving my hand with even the arm in view,

I've never taken any LSD, drugs or anxiety medicine, no injuries to head ect., so I'm at a loss here. Is this simply something from my eye being more egg shaped, the nearsightedness or astigmatism and refractive errors worsening?

Thank you.
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On rare occasions that problem has been described here. It has a name Palinopsia   therre is a link that follows  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palinopsia    I have never had a patient come in my office with this complaint in 41 years. The best I could suggest is see a neuro-ophthalmologist for an evaluation. You can find these specially trained ophthalmologists in most large metropolitan areas and on the staff of most medical school dept of ophthalmology faculty.
Thank you for the reply. I looked up Palinopsia but I just severely doubt I suddenly got that. That seems to be more linked to drug use, so I have my doubts.

I guess essentially, is some type of "trailing" normal? When I wave an object or my hand quickly, it looks normal in terms of motion blur. But slowly moving I can see an extension of the object, not clear but you see it, catching up with where the object is. It only lags behind briefly. More noticeable when I test the issue on a black object.

In terms of just what is "normal", are "trails" of what ever object to some degree, normal function? Or is this completely not something the eyes should be doing?

Have you yourself ever noticed or able to see it, if you try? If you look straight ahead and slowly move your hand to the left of the right not focusing/tracking it with your eyes, a normal person doesn't see any type of trail?
No its not normal.
Unfortunate to hear. It seems odd that at some random point at 27 years old, I would develop this Palinopsia, especially with no "trigger".

If this isn't normal, will that rule out any normal eye problems causing it, such as nearsightedness, astigmatisms and other, refractive errors?
Oh, may I ask - If in a dim/dark room, and you have a phone on, if you move the phone left to right in your visual field, looking at the background and not the phone, there is a smear/extension of the phone screen, from being bright, that sort of lags behind the phone for a half a second. This is normal right?

I have the same exact phenomenon during normal lighting and close moving objects (not far) as well.
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Hmm - just went through the conversation. Wnated to add, When i wake up and my eyes are sleepy and not washed with water - I see this.

I guess Mr hagan said get it tested to rule out any problem. If no problem after doctor evaluation, then relax !

Who is perfect in the world by the way ;-)
Thanks for the comment. I guess if it didn't cause me such anxiety and depression I wouldn't mind it. Problem is I'm facing some other issues, tinnitus from noise exposure and some other things, and this just puts me over the edge. At a certain point it's just too much.

Since noticing this issue, I can say as well right when I wake up it does seem a lot worse. If I'm outside and out and about I don't notice it. Only when I see things up close, my own hands moving in front of my face, or an object, or even people moving their hands around on t.v, do I notice the smear/translucent extension that follows right behind to catch up with in half a second.

It's become so apparent it's just impossible to ignore now.

How do you describe what you see in the morning?
clm  would also not that all these symptoms could be related to anxiety and that running from physician to physician you might want to start dealing with that by seeing a psychiatrist   Even if there is a medical problem causing this you need help with your out of sight anxiety
Interesting, so Anxiety could be the culprit for the trailing rather than Palinopsia? I wonder if being upset in December over my eyes changing (started having star bursting on lights from refractive errors) have switched on some type of anxiety which is overly making me focused on my eyes and things the brain generally might ignore.
Maybe I misunderstood Dr. Hagan, were you saying anxiety can cause my eye symptoms, or were you talking about something else?

Thank you.
What I'm saying is that bad anxiety can duplicate most disease: heart, stomach, eye, orthopedic problem. You do of course need an ophthalmologist to examine your eyes. I believe you have had that done. You say you have insane anxiety. That should be treated since you're not doing a good job of controlling it on your own.
Hei, I have the exact same problem for almost a year now! I posted a separate question for trails in vision on this forum. Dr Hegan, can irregular cornea surface cause this trails in vision? I am having appointment with a cornea specialist in the next 4 months (its a pain to wait for a long time in north europ), please let me know if a little cornea irregularity can really cause this!?
answered on your other post
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I guess now u said that even i can notice it :((
But i will ignore it going forward - there are better things in life to do than notice this!
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If u will keep on concentrating on such small things - soon u will be insane !!!
Also no point wasting lives precious hours that r meant for my loved ones in this minor stuff - get urself checked n if all ok forget about it ...

Bye... I am not going to login again; it really bothered me.  
I'm sure that is for the best
It would be - right Mr Hagan ?
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Just wanted to know about your comment Mr Hagan "I am sure that is for the best". Did not actually understand it :(

Being away from such stuff is best right?
Yes if reading this conversation thread or visiting this forum is making you mad or unsettled than drop out
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@clemrm11 - for you it might be good to get evaluated by doctor as mr hagan suggested.

I unnecessary interrupted in this thread and mentioned I see that sometimes in morning when my eyes are still sleepy - and it goes away when I wash my eyes ... But my eyes are ok I know. Since got them tested. You also got them tested and take anxiety medicines as Mr hagan suggested. And I mentioned i will never login because I unnecessarily interrupted and got worried later!
For which Mr hagan replied I believe if that is best.
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Ophthalmologist saw nothing. Nearsighted -2, minor astigmatism. What ever the lining in back of the eye is very thin for me, which gives me more "sparks" I see in my vision from it tugging, and lots of floaters for being in my 20's.

I couldn't get an answer on my refractive errors that occurred suddenly. If my eyes have stayed basically the same from 2015 December to now, why in November of 2016, did I notice one night starbursting from lights and light sources appearing more bright? How could this of suddenly just occurred? Could maybe my eyeball or cornea shape had changed a bit and caused this? It's odd to me that if I open my eye wide, the starbursting/beams of light shooting down from a light source, vanish. Seems to me that would be relevant to how the light enters the eye, thus some type of change?

Beyond that, nothing equating to the visual trailing they said. Something has to have caused this, and the question I can't seem to find, is that is it something people CAN see if they try, and I'm just overly aware of it constantly and focused on it, or is it, without a doubt, something that shouldn't be possible to do.

I asked my Dad to see if he could see it. We were in a lightly lit room, enough for detail, but not bright. I asked him to slowly wave his hand over his black chair seat and to look at the seat and not focus on his hand as it goes back and forward. He believed he saw a little ghost/translucent trail of his hand playing catch up. He thought nothing of it, and wouldn't of seen it unless I tried to get him too, so it makes me wonder if in fact the phenomenon is possible to be seen, but IGNORED from the brain. Somehow, being overly attune to my body (I can sometimes even see the white blood cells in my eyes if I try) I saw the trailing, became upset over it for not being "normal" and perhaps have trained my brain to see it and focus on it in a negative way. Could I have trained my self to see something my brain may have otherwise, ignored?

Dr. Hagan, any insight or feedback, would greatly appreciate it.

You might want to see a psychologist to learn to deal with your anxiety perhaps consider cognitive behavior therapy. I don't think dwelling on these eye symptoms is productive.
And maybe head over to an anxiety forum and do some discussing there.
The problem is, I'm wanting to solve, rather than control my feelings towards it, if that makes sense. Anxiety is from this, no two ways about it. Definitely cannot adapt to something that affects motion in close proximity in certain situations. So I have to strive to fix.

I'm starting to wonder if the ophthalmologists just don't understand what I'm describing.

I wonder if It's an astigmatism issue. I've read some things on ghosting and such, and it seems similar.

For example, some can look into a mirror and see a ghost like image of their tooth, or their fingers ect., outlining their actual tooth, or finger ect..

That is exactly what I see under certain circumstances (lighting and contrast seem to matter). I've even noticed when focusing past my fingers and such that light hitting my nails, somehow creates a beam of light shooting away from my nails. Say if the background is darker but the light is hitting the hand area. This seems awfully similar to the fact my eyes suddenly in November acquired some refractive issues (starbursting) that I didn't have the day before.

I'm inclined to believe that his is more likely not neurological in nature, but eye, perhaps. Even though ophthalmologist looks in, and see's there's no damage ect., doesn't mean perhaps there is something going on.

Hope this makes sense, curious on your thoughts.

Thank you for continuing to take the time to read.
Astigmatism is as common as dirt. It does not cause the symptoms you describe. Also if it did glasses or contacts would correct the problem. your complains is extremely unusual. You will not solve this by continued discussions with me. If you want to continue to pursue medical work up you would need to see a neuro-ophthalmologist. I won't have any more to say.
Ia have the same :D If i wave my hand in front of my face with light hiting my hand in dim room its much more visible :D Try it like take your phone (white scrn) go to dark room like !DARK! hold your phone above another hand and move your hand down. U can see this "ghost" Every one can see it :) i tried it on my friends and family.. i dont know why Ophthalmologists do not know about this phenomenon... But remember most of freind/family they did not notice it right away.. (okay my friend did) !!it's best seen on the phone!! Take ur phone put it on the highest brightness and turn on the camera. All u want to see on your phone is black and and white icons. Then start doing circular movements, u ll see a dots folowing ur phone ;) (Dint follow phone with eyes, look ahead!!) Okay.. But why can u see it with your hand id dim room? Coz of anxiety. When u exp anxiety your sensors are more sensitive to everything. Like movement sounds and so on.. Also ur pupils become larger so more light falls into the eye. Sory for my english :D I hope i helped.
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