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Seeing very bright red dot when looking sideways quickly in right preripheral vision

Initially thought it was a laser dot on wall although it was larger. Only in right eye and on the right side of vision. Previously that day had slipped off step and landed straight legged on heal and jarred my spin to the neck/head. Appears when moving head quickly around to look at something. Also have sore neck from slip. in mid 50's and average health. Luckily I don't have COVID-19 yet. Will this pass and repair itself or is a doctors consult needed?
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If you only see it when moving your eyes quickly it is not likely a problem. If it is there all the time, or you are seeing bright flashes of light light flash bulb, or many black floaters or loss of peripheral vision needed checked.
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Thanks , I'll sleep better. All the best for this historic time in history and stay safe.
Wash my hands so much each one has lost a pound.
update: white flashes appeared once so been  checked at Hospital. Ultrasound shows Partial Retina Detachment.  ophthalmologists tomorrow. there's a Good I-Deer joke in there somewhere. Any one remember how it goes?
So glad you were able to have your eye examined.  Our practice is struggling to see urgent/emergent problems.  Best of luck with your treatment. remember when you have RD in one eye the risk for fellow eye is 5-10%. So any change, flash, floater in the 'good' eye report to your retina surgeon immediately.
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