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Sensation of hair in my eye

I am a 25 year old female who does not wear glasses or contacts.
Since august 2010 my left eye has felt like there is a hair in it, or a hair poking into it. This is also accompanied by excessive watering, and the tears in my left eye feel almost "thick". I also started getting a tickling feeling down the side of my nose, left side, like there is hair brushing against it.
I saw an eye doctor in august, they said i had blepharitis. i really did not think this was my problem, but performed the treatment (hot compress, ointment) anyway to no avail. They gave me some lubricating drops (fake tears) and those helped a little bit, but my problem didnt fully go away. I went back to the same doctor, they said they could find nothing in my eye but suggested i get +1.25 reading glasses because my eyes were straining, and that would help the watering.
I wore these for a few months but once again it did not help. This time i decided to switch to a different eye doctor.
The new doctor told me i had viral conjunctivitis and gave me steroid drops. These made my eye feel a lot better, for less than a week. My symptoms persisted for a week or two after stopping the steroid drops, then around Thanksgiving they mysteriously disappeared. My left eye was fine and not bothering me until two weeks ago.
This is so fustrating and uncomfortable. My eyelids are red and raw at the corners from tearing, and i dont know what to do. Please Help!

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There are multiple possible causes of chronic tearing.  Two of the more common are chronic dry eye and a blockage of the tear duct (drains tears from the eye to the nasal passages).  Given your young age (assuming you are otherwise healthy and have no systemic health problems) and the fact that your symptoms are on one side only, I would think you might have a blocked tear duct on that left side.  The only thing that makes it sound like dry eye is the foreign body (hair) sensation that you feel.  Given that there are multiple other less common potential causes of your symptoms that involve the eyelids and conjunctiva (mucous membrane covering the white of the eye), you should be examined by an eye MD or ophthalmologist to discern the correct diagnosis which can only be made with a complete eye exam.  You could find one at www.aao.org.  You may want to consider having your ophthalmologist refer you to an eyelid specialist (oculoplastic specialist) if they can’t figure it out either.  Please let us know what happens.
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