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Severe Pain and bulging of left eye

I was always having dizziness and a pain deep inside my left eye. A heaviness used to be there everytime. Also an intraocular pressure had pushed my left eye a little outside. It was clearly visible and I am feeling it also. It all started around 4 years ago when accidentally eye liner's tip went between the eyeball and the top eyelid.

My CT scans and blood runs for Thyroid, Hemoglobin, Sugar etc were normal at that time. Also blood runs are normal now also.

I am using BetaCap TR 40 along with Betavert and Flupenthixol Hydrochloride for past one month. It gave some kind of relief to me. Now all of a sudden Flupenthixol Hydrochloride is banned in India. Today is the first day when I am not having it and all of a sudden I started sweating and I am not feeling comfortable as of now also.

Can anyone suggest that what should I do now. Also I have read about the dangers of prolonged usage of these medicines. So I want to discontinue them. But I am going uneasy without them. What to do? Any guesses for my disease?
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Now I have undergone all the examinations including the CT Scan and MRI (with orbits). I have been seeing a rhino for 2 months. I have tried all the medications but still my pain in not subsided and I still have the swelling. The dizziness in my head is constant and I am unable to perform efficiently.

The pain starts all of a sudden and stays there for few days and then it subsides to a somewhat bearable level.

My rhino is telling that my sinuses are not that worse that it will cause my eye to bulge. I have already seen an ophthalmologist and he is of the opinion that there is no problem in my eye.

What are the other possible causes. I require serious urgent help.
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I went to see an ophthalmologist. He suggested me a "MRI with orbits" scan. The report was normal except "mucosal thickening of both maxillary antrum". Now he has suggested me an "indirect ophthalmoscopy" and a "computerized field vision test". I will get them done shortly.

Meanwhile, I want to know if he is taking me in the right direction. Also what is mucosal thickening and what are the causes?

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I went to one in the beginning when it all started. Then everything was normal. Should I again see one?
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What is your diagnosis?  Are you seeing an ophthalmologist?

Dr. O.
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