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Severe eye problem

Dear Mr. and Mrs

My name is Vahan, everything started when i was 13. i was lying on the beach  and was looking at the sun without my sun glasses for a long period of time, but till now my problem has not solved. i am already 20 and the problem become severe and unbearable..

1.Eye Discharge during sleeping at the night,

2.Red eye (mornings not severe, evenings worse)

3.Eye itching (like sand attached to the inside of top eye lid)

4.100% Seasonal ( slowly startng from around March 15 till October 1, on summer symptoms becomes stronger)

5.General constant Eye pain (Mornings not very strong evenings stronger)

6.Severe light sensitivity all year round, and worse during March 1 till October 1

7.Worse when sun comes out, better when the day Is cloudy

8.Eyes are overall sensitive but the skin of the eye lid is over sensitive  

9.I have dry eyes, all year round but I use Systane and ALERGAN optive eye drops and it works fine but only for dryness!

10.Problem becomes worse and worse every year, it is the 8th year already

11.Eyelid skin burning

12. During that months, My eyes scratches all the time, but if i scratch, it will irritate the lid of my eyes immediately and everything will become worse.

What I did.

1.Checked for general allergies around 30 allergies, i have no allergies from the ones i have checked.

2.Use Systane and ALERGAN optive eye drops only sometimes just for eye dryness

3.Used many drugs for  seasonal allergy, not helping really

4. Dexamethason helps but as you know it is not allowed to use this kind of medicine for longer periods http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexamethason

Best regards
Vahan Nersesyan
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Your symptoms could represent an ocular surface disease due to dry eye.  You need a complete exam with an ophthalmologist to determine exactly what is going on.  You might need to be placed on a prescripton eye medicine called Restasis (topical cyclosporine emulsion), which is a safe and effective treatment.  Until you cal see the doctor, use frequent preservative-free artificial tear drops; they come in unit dose vials.  Systane, Optive, Thera Tears are some that are available in unit dose vials.  You open a vial and use it as many times as needed during the day, and then discard the vial at night.  This way you eliminate preservative exposure on the eye surface.  I would also recommend a good multivitamin and Omega 3 (fish oil) supplementation.    It is very important to see an ophthalmologist, because some ocular surface problems are associated with systemic diseases, which also need to be treated.
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i really appreciate your help. for me going to the doctor is not a problem. the issue is that i live in Germany and doctors here are strange you go they analyse like 5 seconds and make a prescription of some kind of drugs which is totally waste of time. if you have a friend or someone here that you know  is ready to take his or her time and try to research my issue i would be really grateful , thank you again
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