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Severely blur vision due to retinal vasculitis, will vision come back?

Happened with my sister. Shes 15.
Lives in Canada (toronto)
No previous history of any diseases or allergies.
Doctors sent her home without any medicine right now as they are doing all the tests and saying they need to find out what is the cause before starting treatment.
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Sorry I just started using this website. Want to explain the full scenario.  My sister is 15. Shes healthy and active. She slept perfectly fine but when she woke up her vision was very blur in one of they eyes. To the point where she cant identify a person by their face but she can see that someone is standing in front of her. We rushed her to the hospital and there after a good 6 to 8 hours, the doctor called for an otologist. The otologist came and after seeing her he said she has Retinal Vasculitis.
He didnt tell us much and said that hes going to conduct all tests and then refer her to a retina specialist. He didnt give her any medication saying that first, its important to find out why it happened (infection? autoimmune? etc). My question is. Shes only a child. Will her vision come back? im sure you cant say for sure but what are the chances? Can there be anything done to cure this blurr vision. Please help.
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An 'otologist' is an ear physician. I'm sure you mean 'ophthalmologist' and Eye MD.   Retinal vasculitis is an ultra-severe problem that can be associated with very serious disease elsewhere in the body. Getting the tests and getting her to a retina specialist ASAP are the most important things. Not much else I can tell you. If you look up causes you will see some very serious disease.  Most important thing is checking 'good eye' and seeing what can be done to prevent it from going the same way.  Move heaven and earth to get in very soon to the retina MD.
Thankyou dr. Yes I meant the eye MD. She has an appointment on Tuesday morning with a retina specialist. If they find out the cause and start treatment, can her vision be restored? That's the main query I have. We will be taking care of her very critically now onwards. I'm just worried about her vision. Will it come back once they start treating it?
I realize you would like definitive answers but since the cause of the problem and the extent of the problem is not known its impossible for anyone to answer your questions.  Even when a diagnosis is made it's often not possible to tell how much, if any, of the vision will recover.  
Yes but the possibility is what I'm asking. Is there a possibility of the vision to get restored? I know diagnosis and treatment decide all that and how the body responds to it. However, what I'm worried about is that if things go towards the better and her inflammatory blood vessels get fixed (God willing), is there a 'possibility' that her vision can become normal again? Thank you for all your answers doctor, it really helps, trust me .
I'm not sure this is helpful at all. But best case is the eye recovers completely with treatment and the worst is the eye goes completely blind.  Everything in between is a possibility.  
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