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Shadows and fighting eyes

I went to the eye doctor(OD)  and everything checked out he said. Except he said hes not sure why but my right eye is fighting with my left for dominace. My right eye is for lack of the correct word lazy. He thinks that it could be a receant bad sinus infection. I think it could also be the fact that I wore the same glasses for years until I got these and my eyes just aren't adjusting or something. (like my right is now a player because how well the vision is increased.  

Well The problem is I'm seeing shadow kinda. Like auras of objects in my vision. IT was going on be fore the appointment and its still happening now. He said the disk on my left eye was tilted but he thinks that's just how my eye developed.  

I went to my doctor for a return visit after finishing the anti boitics and told him about the shadow arua things. He said that whats probably happening is my mind is not knowing which image to fully develop so I'm getting a mixed signal and thats why I'm seeing shadows.

That was about two months ago and I'm still seeing shadows off and on.  Theres so many factors that I'm unsure what it is.  Is this normal to happen with people like me. Who have had a dominate eye all there life and now all of the sudden the other eye is a main player? When I don't wear the glasses I don't see them or I don't think I do.

like I said all the test came back fine he said.

I guess what I'm asking is

Is this normal for someone in this situation?
Do I need to pursue it more?
Is this a sign of something more?

thank-you for your time.
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This is fairly rare. Sounds like the recent prescription change may not be quite correct. Ask if they will recheck it. If your lazy eye is seeing so much better, then yes, you could be getting some competition. I hope this improves, but should it not, then seek a second opinion with an Ophthalmologist.
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