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Sharp pain while urinating and red eyes

Hello, I had unprotected sex couple of weeks ago. Amd had smallnred dots on the tip of penis and under foreskin. Later on it developed as a yeast infection but healed as I cleaned it twice a day. But now I feel a sharp pain when I urinate, tip.of.penis is littpe red and there is always a watery discharge. From past three days my eyes are red with yellow discharge. My doc prescribed me Supradyn, Oflox OZ and Ciplox eye drops but none of these seem to be working. Pls help
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Welcome to the world of unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases (STD).  You need to see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam to see if you have STD in the eye. If so oral antibiotics may be necessary.  You also need to see your family MD or a urologist. You may have STD such as gonorrhea.  You would likely advise your sex partner of your problem.
Thank you Doc, I have already gone through the HIV and VDLR tests and both came negative. HPV 1 & 2 results are pending. One bit I think should be brought into your notice that I had red dot and yeast infection initially, after 3-4 days started to feel sharp pain while urinating. When I went to see a doc he gave me some antibiotics and after that my left eye became infected (red and itchy like a foreign particle is inside), My right eye is little red but not itching. Today in the morning part above the left eyebrow is paining..  
When you say "your doctor" prescribed the eye drops do you mean an ophthalmologist? If it was not an Eye MD with their specialized eye equipment and training you need to see one.  If you are under the care of an ophthalmologist then report your findings to him/her.
It's a sexologist who prescribed CIPLOX eyedrops
I understand that, I will book an appointment with ophthalmologist today and report back. Thank you for all your help, appreciate it.
As far as the way medicine and surgery is categorized almost every where in the world there is no branch of medicine called  sexology and a sexologist.  In most parts of the world it would be an infectious disease specialist with an interest in STD. In any case you need to see an ophthalmologist ASAP.  
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