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Shimmering vision

I'm 25 and after a hardcore Christmas shopping day last week I suddenly got a shimmering spot in my vision which hasn't gone away since even though it's been over a week. It's nbot that big and not a blind spot, just everything looking like heat from a road surface in one area. It's right in the centre of my vision and can be seen with both eyes, open or closed. Saw an eye doctor who said she can't see anything wrong with my eyes, butb I definitely can!! Have been very anxious which is taking it's toll on me too. i'm worried it's a brain tumour or something :-( Any ideas?
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Ive experienced this before too, but it only lasted about 15-20 minutes, and i took a tylenol, figured it was a migraine, and it went away. I would mention it to your family doctor. It could be related to stress or something else. I know how stressful it can be. Ive read on here before though from a doctors post, that any changes in vision usually are eye related. But i would check into it with your family doctor.
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Your description is a classic migraine aura EXCEPT that it has lasted a week. Usually, they are no more than 20 to 30 minutes and rarely a few hours. Your eye doc is probably right. Because you see the same thing in both eyes it has to be originating from your visual cortex. Are you on any drugs?? Skip your family doc and see a neurologist or preferably a neuro-ophthalmologist.
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Not to scare you, but have your MD take a good look at your retina.  One of the signs that I had was that "wavy vision" when my retina was starting to detach.  I would want to rule this out.
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