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Shooting stars, Retina problem?

I am very nearsighted and have very bad vision in both my eyes, my left being the worst. While I was in the hospital trying to save my unborn daughter (I was on bedrest 10 weeks) I noticed what looked like shooting stars in my vision about every other say. (Only in my left eye) It would only last a second, and I did not have a headache or any pain when it happened. This happened when I wore my glasses and contacts. I figured it was probably a pregnancy related issue so I dismissed it, but now I have been out of the hospital (and not pregnant) for 8 weeks , and I am still seeing little bright shooting stars in my left eye. It is only one or two bright star looking things when it happens, and they seem to just shoot off to the left side of my vision, disappearing. (kind of like fireworks) It only happens once in a day.  My eyes are great other than this problem, I have not been putting my eyes through a lot of strain lately, just the normal activities. Should I go to the eye doctor or is this not something I should worry about?
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Yes, see an ophthalmologist to make sure you don't have a retinal detachment or tear which could be the cause of your symptoms.

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