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Should I be worried about recurrent darkening of my vision in one eye??

I am on Lamictal and Depakote for seizures, but I am seizure free for more than 2 years. Thought that it might be relevant. I also spray nasal decongestants every day due to my allergies to dust mites.

I've been getting episodes where everything goes darker in my left eye for 2-3 minutes. The best description would be like looking through a thick mesh.  I can still see something if I try really hard, just like you can see behind a mesh. There has never been any pain. This happened 1-2 times a month maybe, but this past month it's happened more often. I am a bit scared now, but I really don't know if I should go to a doctor with the coronavirus.
I told my neurologist about this, and he waved it off as unimportant, although he did look at my eye and checked my peripheral vision. He simply asked me to stop when I see the finger.

This photo is the closest thing I could find on the internet:


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Shame on your neurologist.   This would be called a 'transient obscuration of vision" the causes include a variety of neurological, cardio-vascular and eye problems.  You have to start out with seeing an Eye MD ophthalmologist for a complete exam which should include a "macular OCT test and peripheral vision test"  You should also report it to your family MD or internist.  The "most likely" cause depends on your age and general health and the type of seizure you have.   The more risk factors you have older age, hypertension, diabetes,  nicotine/pot use, obesity, elevated cholesterol, family history of cardiovascular/neurological disease the most likely this could be something very serious.   So start with seeing ophthalmologist, ask for those special tests, report to you primary care doctor,  and  I would suggest you ask your neurologist not to so lightly dismiss this and work with you to be sure this is not a "TIA) transient ischemic attack.
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