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Should I be worried?

I am 52 years old.. I had an eye exam today and will be getting glasses in a couple of weeks. The dr said they won't be too strong that though I've been wearing reading glasses a few years it's now time to go with progressive glasses because of blurry vision far off too..  Then he dilated my eyes to look behind them.. he said he saw pinpoint spots behind my eyes in both of them.. the left eye had more.. I told him a dr mentioned seeing that a few years before.. When I asked him what was causing it he said he wasn't sure but that it could be Macular Dystrophy? but since the other dr saw it and my vision is pretty good not to worry that it may not progress and my vision may not get worse. He took photos and said for me to come back in a year to compare photos.. I just wish he knew what was causing the spots the spots for sure. My husband told me to forget about it and not look it up or think about it. I am concerned because I have blurred vision a lot and sometimes it seems to be really bad before it clears up some. Should I look for a second opinion?
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I. It is absolutely essential that the 'eye doctor' your are seeing be an eye MD ophthalmologist, not an OD optometrist. If you did not see an Eye MD you need to see one.   Second  a photo graph is not as important as a macular OCT which views the tissue under the macula and lets the eye MD know yes/no whether macular degeneration is present.
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Thank you for very much!
Happy to help. Best of luck
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