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Should I get laser surgery? (extreme astigmatism + hyperopia)

Hello everyone,

I have severe astigmatism in combination with hyperopia and I am considering to have eye laser surgery. Here are my measurements:

Left: +2.25sph -4.5cyl
Right: +1.75sph -4.25cyl

Left: +3.25sph -4.75cyl
Right: +2.75sph -4.25cyl

Current glasses:
Left: +2.0sph -4.25cyl
Right: +1.75sph -3.75cyl

I had sizable astigmatism already from birth, but it has gradually  increased, especially in last 5 years or so. I am 23 year old male.

I have spent a lot of time in front of computer. My vision has gotten so bad that I have terrible eye strain after few hours of focusing on computer screen. So much so that I can no longer work or continue education in my profession (IT).

I have strong glasses that give me acceptable image sharpness, but my eyes never seem to be relaxed and seem to be fighting for focus. My left eye gets more eyestrain then right eye.

I had pre-op checkup at one LASIK clinic and they told me that I can be a candidate for LASIK and I have thick cornea.

My online investigation tells me that I am on right on the limit of what's approved by FDA for the particular laser machine they have in clinic - not very reassuring.

I believe I am a difficult case for laser surgery, but I don't see any alternatives, stronger glasses would probably make the eyestrain even worse.

Should I be getting laser surgery (LASIK or any other kind)? What could be the problems/complication for my case?

Has anyone here with similar eye condition had laser surgery, how did it turn out?

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I would try stronger glasses actually as that may explain part of the strain.  If that does not work, then get 2 or 3 opinions from experienced Lasik surgeons before deciding to go through with it.

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