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Shouldn't I be able to see this sentence?

I have recently gotten a pair of corrective lenses, the other 3 times I have done so I have always notices a stark difference when first getting them, my mood would improve and I didn't get as many headaches, with everything being so sharp and clear it is no surprise, however this 4th time has yielded a different result, I don't have that stark difference feeling and I notice that I am not able to make out most nutrition labels from several feet and I can only see larger texts on the laptop screen from 4-6 feet away and clarity is just less than it has been in the past, so my scrip is OD -3.75 -1.50 X10, OS -4.25 -1.50 180, I have an astigmatism as well, what I wanted to know is whether or not I should be able to make out all that text like with my other glasses purchases or is this the state of my ocular health.
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I can't answer your question without knowing your age, your glasses prescription and your vision with those glasses. If you will post I can answer. If not then you need to return to your 'eye doctor' for exam and discussion.
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I am 35, the scrip I put in already (OD -3.75 -1.50 X10, OS -4.25 -1.50 180) and when I was describing the limitations of my vision, I was referring to my vision with the new glasses, my natural vision I did not mention of course, thanks.
Okay.  You are myopic (nearsighted) and have astigmatism.   By age 35 this type of glasses prescription usually doesn't change much from year to year. Also you are young enough that with your glasses on you should  be able to see near objects well (read/computer, TV 10 feet away).  You did not post what your visual acuity is with the glasses (should be 20/20  or 6/6 metric) there are a number of possible problems it could be:   1 the glasses could have been made incorrectly. There are many possible problems. The frames may not fit, the center of the glasses RX (optical center) may not be over the center of your pupil.    The glasses you have may not be the glasses RX you brought in. Final problem if the glasses testing was doing without first dilating your eyes (post cycloplegic refraction) the glasses may be too strong (over - minused).     Generally you start by taking the glasses in to the opthalmologist or optometrist that did the eye vision testing.  Usually (but not always) they will test the glasses to be sure they are made correctly and fit correctly.  If so they will often repeat the glasses testing then send instructions back to the optician how to remake the glasses to make them clearer and/or more comfortable. I would get moving or you will end up with a pair of glasses that you do not wear.  If a person buys their glasses on the internet many opthalmologists and optometrists will not check them at all since most internet glasses are junk and poorly fit and made.
Well doctor, that will do, thank you for your helpful (and quick) responses.
You are welcome. There are many posts on this forum like yours.  Almost most all from shopping center commercial opticals.
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