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Small air/gas bubbles leaking from eye

I have recently noticed small bubbles "leaking" from my left eye. I have no existing eye conditions, nor have I had any surgeries that may cause this. There is no discoloration of the eye or any visible "bubble" on the surface, but rather it simply feels as though small air bubbles are rolling up from the bottom of my eye, upon reaching open air they simply disappear. I have not noticed any vision deterioration; my vision seems clear and unaffected; I did just finish a couple of business trips requiring air travel, not sure if that is relevant... Any ideas or feedback on what may be causing this?
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I gather you are not having visionn problems or bubbles in your vision but rather a "feeling" of bubbles in your eyes.   You  probably have some type of swelling of the conjunctiva or irritation of the conjunctiva, eyelids or corneas.  See an ophthalmologist to sort things out and use artificial tears in the meantime.  If you have vision problems with bubbles in your vision, that is of course and very good reason to be seen as well.  Your complaint is definitely not ringing any bells in my mind.  I'm curious what it may end up being, most likely a small fixable situation I suspect but have it checked out asap.
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Thank you Doctor, will do. I will post the findings if they turn out to be interesting.
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Hello, I have the exact same issue.  Wondering if you've received any answers?  I've been to about 10 doctors and have no resolution.  Thanks!
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I went to see someone and they couldn't attribute it to anything specific; I did have a fairly significant sinus infection that may have played a role in the issue, but it was never diagnosed as the cause. At this point the symptoms have stopped all together and my sinus infection has also dissapated; I correlate the two conditions, but to answer your question, I'm sorry no concrete answers were given to explain the issue.
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