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Small blind spots

First, I am going to a appointment soon but until then I'd like your expertise...

I've posted here before, I am a 21 year old guy, I went for a glaucoma test a couple months ago duo to a inaccurate IOP reading on a puff test, which the glaucoma specialist then read pressures of 15 in each eye on a Goldmann with cornea thickness of 610 each eye. She told me to come back in a year, and that my left eye has slightly thinner than normal RNFL in a small area, although was confident that I was okay. My optic nerves, cup and all were ''great''. I do have solar retinopathy in each eye.

To my question, I've now noticed that in BOTH eyes, in pretty much the exact same area, a spot as small as a mouse cursor, has pretty much vanished, it is above my blind spot in each eye by a few cm's. It still picks up a small point flash of white against a dark background, although vice versa I can't notice anything there. I was told that only once enough RNFL has been affected, then your optic nerves (and cup?), then become damaged and only then will defects represent, but even if that was the case my right eye has absolutely nothing, not even the smallest bit of RNFL loss in any area. So does this sound like something else? Please share what you think... thankyou.
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I'm sorry I can't make anything useful of your symptoms.  Nerve fiber thinning is not the same as nerve loss, the nerve fiber layer can be thinner than normal without problems as for example highly myopic eye or older dementia patients.
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Thankyou, I know you can't diagnose over the internet. So is it possible to have defects (related to glaucoma) if every aspect is normal? I know it's a complex disease.

Is it possible, that these ''small dot areas'' my eyes normally are just less powerful in terms of picking up light? I feel like having good health in my eyes while having glaucoma defects is just as far fetched though :/
I suspect you do not have glaucoma and your check up will be normal. your symptoms are too vague to offer any other helpful thoughts. Perhaps your physician might have some ideas.  I doubt that it is serious
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