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Snow spray in eyes...blurred vision even after week

I got snow spray in my Righteye...it caused inflammation,redness,blurred vision..I consulted opthalmologist..they gave me steroid, antibiotic drops...after 4 days my eyes were good but still there is blurred vision in my eyes...I have myopia -4.25 will my eyes become normal to -4.25 or it will increase...how many days it will take to become normal...when I should consider a new prescription if my blurred vision persists....any drops or techniques for fast recovery...
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Snow should not cause that kind of problem (after all its just water). Unless it had chemical impurities in it or was thrown into the eye with force.  So your situation is not at all typical. You should be on the phone calling the ophthalmologist you saw and asking those questions. Now way I can answer it, it must have been rather severe to prescribe a steroid
Sorry sir ....Its artificial snow spray/ Foam ....I conveyed it wrong....pls help me..
The advice still stands call the ophthalmologist you saw and who prescribed the medicine and describe your present condition and see what she/he says.  This is especially true is you have not seen any improvement in the last 2 days.
Doctor said, it will take  minimum two weeks from to assess the vision improvement or decrease...I have seen improvement of my blurry vision for first 5days...then it became constant ...it's not improving  further...my present prescription is -6.75..while my original reading before accident was -4.50.....i need any tips,,healingtime will my vision will be back...I'm fully tensed
This injury should not make you more myopic. Plus we constantly remind people that we cannot make individual diagnosis or tell you things you ask. You have a very unusual injury.  It is not likely to leave permanent damage to your eye. Anything more you will need to get from your treating ophthalmologist. I’m signing off this discussion. Best of luck and we proper eye protection in the future.
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I'm not a doctor, but I know from cold hard experience that sufficient damage to the eye can cause this for weeks. I had light sensitivity and pain for a couple of weeks before I finally went to an ophthalmologist (because my *optometrist* said everything was OK - moral of that story - don't go see an optometrist for damaged eyes, go see a medical doctor, but that is another story). Do what Dr. Hagan said - get on the phone to your ophthalmologist now.

My eye was blurry for quite a while, but it eventually healed.
Thanks Zoltan for sharing your experience. GLad you eye recovered.
Thank you! I got hit in the eye with a wood chip. My Dr. said that after the initial damage healed, it left "cellular debris" under the cornea. Since it wasn't in my line of sight and the swelling and pain eventually subsided, she opted to not do anything. That was 8 years ago, and I've been fine since.

I did, however, learn a hard lesson about the need to see a Doctor for evaluation immediately, and to follow up with a Doctor. If I had done that sooner, it could have avoided a lot of pain!

I love my optometrist, but in this case he really did not know what was wrong with my eye, and could not help me.
There is a massive difference between the training of an Eye MD ophthalmologist and a non-MD optometrist.  Our practice they work in harmony for the good of the patient, but nationally their organization is trying to get the right to do surgery, lasers and other things that only an Eye MD should do.
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