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Spots in peripheral

Hello! I know I have a similar previous post but things have changed since, just looking for recommendations!

A month ago I noticed when blinking/squinting a dark shape would appear in my peripheral. I went to the eye dr she dilated my eyes and said everything looks great. Since then that spot has changed from a translucent like arc shadow to a darker kind of afterimage appearance. Still only appears when blinking or squinting. (Not hard blinking just regular everyday regular movement)

A new spot has also appeared on the very bottom of my vision, it is more noticeable when I am standing in front of a white wall and I look all the way up. This spot has a triangular appearance and same translucent type shadow. Yesterday when I was outside it was actually flashing when I blinked which made it very noticeable.

I have a follow up appt w the dr again tomorrow this time she’s gonna dilate my eyes again as well as run a visual field. Last time she said it sounds like I’m experiencing a phosphene but since then I see another spot so I feel like it’s something more.

Any idea what this might be? My central vision is fine & when my eyes are wide open the spots are non existent. Thank you! Hopefully I get a good work up tomorrow, but I can’t stop worrying!
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What did you find out with your doctor visit? I have the same thing!
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What does the equal sign mean?
Also, do you have any new input? I feel like this is something new in the field. I’ve read about a lot of young people having this? Do you know anything about it? Thanks!
It means I have read the post and have no further comments. If you want to start of new post elaborating on you please feel free to do so.
Absolutely nothing! So frustrating. I’ve been through so many exams & no answers.
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No idea at all, it's not a symptom associated with one particuliar disease. Is your "eye doctor' an Eye MD ophthalmologist or a not physician optometrist?  
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