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Stabismus surgery

I met a surgeon who does strabimus surgery last week.  I am  a  candidate.  He seems quite good.   I want to get a clearer idea of the benefits of surgery before I do it.  Moreover my internist said wait. Can you give me a few ideas about the benefits?   I consider myself dyslexic.  Will that resolve?  Thanks in advance.  

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Strabismus surgery in an adult is primarily to make the eyes appear straighter.
If there is some degree of depth perception which had developed over past years, then depth perception may be improved as well. However, if the eyes are not capable of working together, the straightening can actually be quite disconcerting as a condition called "horror fusionis". Make sure there is not a chance that could happen to you.
Special tests are done to find out if that might happen to you.

I do not know why your internist said to wait unless you already look so straight that any improvement would be hardly noticeable.

Strabismus is not related to dyslexia.
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She says that surgery, even under a local,  is a shock to the body.  She wants me to loose more weight before I get the surgery.  I have metabolic syndrome like many  adult males.

I have binocularity.  This would not be a cosmetic procedure.  The surgeon was a bit vague. My objective is to increase function,  i. e. read faster. Read music in performance.   There was some suggestion that I should do VT before and maybe afer surgery.  Before to see if surgvery is absolutely necessary and after to enhance the changes.
I did the home program and I noticed that the Base In and Base Out procedures produced consistent values whichwould not improve.  I surmised that   the non changing values were due to a physiological limitation.  
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