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Starburst after

I am a 55 year old male.  Back in 2011 I originally visited my doctor because I wanted Lasik to correct my vision, however, I discovered that I had the start of cataracts, so I had cataract surgery instead. In Oct 2011, the crystalline lens was removed from each eye and an IOL (Crystalens) was inserted. I chose monovision, and love the well-rounded nature of my vision. I still need reading glasses for prolonged reading, but can read for short periods of time (30 minutes) without the glasses. A month later my doctor indicated that I had the start of posterior capsule opacification. In Dec 2011, I had YAG laser posterior capsulotomy performed on my left eye. Immediately afterwards, at night I experienced starbursts around car headlights, street lamps, traffic lights, candles, etc... really any light at night. The starbursts are barely present during the day, and do not pose a problem for me. I have always been sensitive to light, but this issue is a whole new story. It makes it very difficult to drive at night, and impossible to drive at night if raining. A week later I had the YAG surgery performed on my right eye. I hesitated having it done, but my doctor assured me that the starburst effect would decrease over time, which it has, but not significantly. Today I returned to the doctor (2 years later) to discuss this issue. I had read in other threads regarding this issue that the starburst were possibly caused by wrinkes in the lense, debrise, etc. I discussed all of this with my doctor. They examined my eyes/lenses, but came up with no solutions, so they suggested glasses for driving. I have seen where people have been told to get corrective lenses with antiglare for driving, and I have also seen where there are only minimally effective. Im at a loss for understanding the problem. Clearly the YAG procedure cased the problems, but cannot seem to find a solution. I need to be able to help my doctor figure this out.  Please... HELP!!!

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The symptoms you are experiencing could be caused by a small YAG capsulotomy, such that incoming light at night, when your pupil is larger, is hitting the edges of the cloudy capsule.  I would seek out a second opinion from another ophthalmologist, to see if enlarging the capsule opening is indicated, and also to see if there is another reason for the symptoms.
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