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Starbursts and edge glare

I am 48 and did not have cataracts. Don't make the mistake of explanting your lenses to get the Crystalens. I have them (with the square edge) and I have had nothing but nightmares with edge glare issues and now I have HORRIBLE starbursts after the YAG surgery. Thankfully, the edge glare is getting better, a year and a half after the Crystalens surgery. But the YAG was over 3 months ago and the starbursts are actually getting worse. Also my closeup vision is definitely not what they claim it will be with Crystalenses. And I believe it's getting gradually worse over time, even though all the doctors claim the lenses will stop the Presbyopia and even reverse it. Not True.

I have pretty high myopia and I suppose that could be a factor, but I have no idea why I got all these starbursting issues after the YAG. Maybe the back of my eye is so steeply curved that the light is scattering wildly and the only thing helping to buffer it was the cloudiness of the bag in the back of my eye. I never should have listened to my surgeon who kept badgering me to get the YAG. My vision was actually very good and I didn't know why he insisted that I needed that surgery at all!!!!

And if I had known how bad this would turn out, I would recommend no one ever get IOL implants unless you have VERY BAD cataracts. You can lose so much eyesight, like I did, it's not worth it. And don't believe the claims that you will see better than before. Glasses or contacts are MUCH better than what I have now.

This discussion is related to cataract opp went fine but 6weeks on still get Starbursting.
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The yag opening may be small causing the increase in starbursts after the yag. Enlarging the opening may help.  Also, alphagan can be used a night to decrease the size of the pupil and decrease starbursts.
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I agree with you that no one ever get IOL implants until your cataracts are very bad. "Restor/explant exchange patient"
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I have seen a Retina Specialist who is very good and seems to be quite knowledgable about the newest CLE (clear lens extraction) procedures and types of multifocal implantable lenses such as the Crystalenses. He said he wears -6 contacts (mine were -10) and because he is a surgeon, he would not consider the risk of any eye surgery to correct his vision.

As far as the starburst issues I have resulting from the Yag procedure, he said I will just have to learn to live with it. He agreed that, as I suspected, the light scatter is most likely resulting from the Crystalens itself, and the only "buffer" I had against it was the back of the lens capsule, which was removed in the YAG procedure.

He said, also as I suspected, that I didn't need the YAG, as the other eye (which my surgeon claimed was "even worse that the one I had done") was just barely hazy and probably would never need to have the YAG procedure. I did not need the YAG done on the first eye and it pretty much ruined my night vision.

The whole Clear Lens Extraction should be explained in detail to patients, along with risk involved and companies (along with the surgeons involved) should not be allowed to lie to patients as to the actual performance of the products. It's not like just buying a TV or a car -- your eyesight is so important, it shouldn't just be treated as a way for doctors and Lens Implant executives to get rich!!!

What happened to ETHICS? What about the Hypocratic Oath?? First, do no harm .... and all that????
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I have macular degenereation and a pucker + membrane

am I a candidate for IOL lens?
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