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Strength of Retina After Vitrectomy

My doctor tells me that he performed laser shots all around the entire periphery of my retina during my vitrectomy. Will this make my retinal attachment stronger to the back of my eye moving forward, thereby decreasing the chances of another detachment?
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Generally yes but not help the macula if it was a macula off RD.  Ask your surgeon about the "Good eye"
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Hi Doctor. Yes, my detachment was macula off.
That reduces the chance of the eye making a full recovery even if the retina stays in place. It may be 6-12 months before the final result is known. With a RD in one eye the chance of RD in the other is much higher than normal. So have the eye checked frequently and report any problems immediately
Doctor, above you stated, "That reduces the chance of the eye making a full recovery even if the retina stays in place.". What do you specifically mean by that?
If a person has an RD and the macula is on and surgery is successful the central reading vision usually remains normal and no distortion. But if macula is off and the RD is successful the macula  requently does not recover normal vision and there is distortion or larger/smaller images than normal
Hi Doctor. Yes, I know that when the macula is affected, regaining the same vision as before is rarely the case. I just want to make sure that the retina is on strongly, since my doctor lasered the entire perimeter. I wish to be able to return to my running and weight lifting without worry that the retina will easily detach again.
You will need to discuss with your surgeon running (low risk) and weight lifting (varies depending on reps/vs max lifting   Again ask your surgeon
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