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Stress/Anxiety and Vision

About two months ago I had an episode of acute panic and anxiety that followed marijuana use. My heart rate and blood pressure were elevated for hours and I believe it was some sort of a panic attack. The next morning I found myself in what I can only describe as a "foggy" state. Mentally slow, very sensitive to noise and also my vision had changed.

I've never needed glasses and could always see very well. Since this episode, my distance vision has been fuzzy and I am especially sensitive to lights at night - neon or blue lights more so, for whatever reason. My peripheral vision also seems narrower than it used to be.

I should note that the brain fog has lifted somewhat, but the vision symptoms have lingered. They are aided slightly by trying a friend's glasses

I saw a doctor about possible neurological causes for this vision loss and he didn't think that was the case - he said that neuro. causes would be more like an all-out loss in one eye, or "bad reception" in one or both eyes, floaters, etc... I have none of those. He gave me what he called a "poor man's MRI" and didn't think I had the right symptoms presenting to warrant seeing a neurologist, even though my nerves themselves feel "extra sensitive."

My question is this - before heading off to an eye doc to get glasses, is there a chance that, as the anxiety lifts, my vision will also improve? As I said, I've never needed glasses before this episode happened. I also wonder about the effect of THC on vision.

Thank you.
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You never know what's in "weed". Chemical analysis on grass bought on the street has included all sorts of toxins and dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde when you are taking into your system.

You need to see a Eye MD physician-ophthalmologist. Find one at www.aao.org

And learn from this, next panic attack get something for it like Valium from your FP  or GP and stay away from dangerous drugs (yes marijuana is dangerous and is much more carcinogenic than regualar coffin nail cigarettes.

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Yes, I have certainly learned from this on two fronts - the panic and the marijuana. I have begun taking anti-anxiety meds to help with the panic. I also plan to NEVER touch marijuana again.

My other theory about the vision impairment is sinus-related. I have a lot of congestion deep in my sinuses and perhaps inner ear. I think I will get that checked out as well when my insurance kicks in soon.

My main issues with the vision have been light sensitivity and distance vision issues that seem to get worse as the day progresses. I also have headaches, mild but annnoying, that seem to be in the sinus area.
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