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Strnage effect in vision when in sunlight

Hi there,

My name is Miriam - and I have a problem I was hoping someone could help me with:

Over the past couple years I've had some eye troubles - it started with change in vision and then floaters in both eyes. I hated the floaters so much that I've been almost a hermit for a couple years now, avoiding bright places and the outdoors. I about 6 months ago I went on holiday, where I had to be outside for longer periods of times, even though I found it unpleasant due to the floaters. I tried my best to ignore them and enjoy the scenery - however, every time I spent a significant amount of time in the sun (either walking in the sun, or sitting directly in sunlight) I got this odd effect in my eyes - a sort of flower shape - undulating grey shapes moving towards the centre of my vision. It was very hard to ignore, and happened every time I spent a significant amount of time in the sun. The effects sticks around until I go in the shade or indoors. Then is seems to disappear. I've been afraid to stay out in the bright sun for long ever since.

I have been to multiple eye doctor for other reasons, and they performed many tests and nothing is wrong apparently. I told the doctor I saw most recently about this odd effect in the sun, and she didn't have an answer - said it might be just how I react to light or might be something else besides my eyes (like blood pressure - though I had that checked and it's normal). This was not super useful, as I want to be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors again at some point - without this effect.

I was wondering if maybe my fear and avoidance of light over the last couple years has made me super sensitive to light, and that is what's causing the effect. Do you think if I acclimatize myself to more light over time this effect will dissipate? I am open to any suggestions or ideas.


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