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Surgery for Myopic Degeneration

Recently it has become more difficult to correct my vision and for a few years i have been told about two surgeries i should consider. the first is a lense extraction which i was told is the first part of cataract surgery they would not put an artificial lense in though. the second which i've heard more 50/50 results from with much higher complications is schleral supports.
Can you tell me more about these surgery options and the risks. i am now at a -27 and have had 4 retinal bleeds. i am  29 yrs old with myopic degeneration w major retinal changes occurring, including bleeds, one tear, thinning, laquer cracks & fuchs spots.
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Those are some very nice comments.  There is no surgery to effectively correct the actual underlying problem which is the myopic degeration.  Clear lens extraction will not offer better vision, usually than you can get with a combination of contact lens and glasses which is what is often used.  Clear lens extraction will have a very significant risk of retinal detachment and I would try to stay clear of it if at all possible.

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Wow that is a huge refractive error. I am about the same age as you with myopic changes but a much lower refraction. Anyway, I cannot answer the first wuestion, but the scleral buckle is really not an effective technique to stop the elongation of the myopic eye. It has been tried but, as you stated, with minimal success. If I was you, I would get under the care of a very good retina surgeon and have your eyes tested for bleeds (i.e. CNV) regularly. There are new treatments available that may be able to help you out.
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If you choose to opt for clear lens exchange (cataract surgery) you will put yourself at increased risk for a number of complications, including retinal detachment because of your extremely high myopia.  

Can you wear gas permeables?  If not, why?

I, too, have had difficulty finding adequate correction at a -17, but have been able to remain in contact lenses with aggressive treatment for dry eye - a leading cause for the inability to wear contact lenses.  I currently wear soft contact lenses with glasses as an over-refraction to get to my prescription strength.

Sorry to hear of your situation.  I also have myopic degeneration which significantly affects my vision.
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Hello, I was told of a diseases that runs in families with the back of the eyes, They found it in my brother after a mishap with his eye, They told him if a peace of this were to break off he would be blind, Can you tell me what the name of this is called, My father had it, now they want me to be check out!

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