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Swelling in corner of left eye

My left has been severely itchy for the pass few days. I thought it was just allergies since i have terrible allergies when spring comes, or probaly from me playing with my dog and touching my eye. But this morning as i rubbed it to stop the itch, my eye felt weird. I looked in the mirror and notice the corner is a little swollen. Also i notice when i pull down my eyelid i see like this idk what to call it i think its part of the eyelid  that holds the eye, it is also a little swollen . . .  I don't im freaking out i pray its just a minor eye infection and nothing serious that can damage my eye -.- btw im 18 , and my right eye is not giving me any problems just my left eye
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It is probably due to rubbing.  Try cold compresses.

Dr. O.
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I used a hot compress for about 10 minutes and the swelling went down
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