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Swirling light in vision

For the past week or so I have had a swirling light in my left eye. I can see it when I'm in the dark, when I close my eyes, or when I'm looking at something dark. It is very annoying and I am concerned. I have also been seeing floaters in my eyes. It is a circle, but not quite. It swirls around and around, up and down back and forth. I went to the eye doctors in October before this began.
I'm 18, and I'm on my dad's insurance. I want to get it checked out, but I have had a lot of problems with my ears, and dizziness before this, and I can be a hypochondriac so my dad won't let me go to the doctor. Does this sound serious. Please help me.
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These are not normal symptoms - but then again I don't have an honest answer to what is going on.  I suppose it's possible you just have psychosomatic symptoms but that's not my place to make assumptions or guesses.  In the end with patients  like you I just do a very thorough eye exam and tell what I see and don't see.  You should go ahead and have ophthalmologist examine your eyes and if everything looks normal - take that as a good sign and try to move on.  Of course if doctor sees something abnormal, then pursue that problem.  Either way,  you should be able to find some closure.  Now if you have 10 other funny symtoms for other body parts that can't be  physically explained, then you might want to consider counseling.  I just don't know you well enough to say.

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