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Swollen Eyeball

My left eyeball has been swollen on and off for over a year.  When it's swollen it is tender to the touch, but not too painful.  I went to the emergency about 8 months ago because it had gotten bad enough that it really frightened me.  They did a CT scan and said everything looked fine.  Since the emergency room visit, I followed up with my eye doctor who could not find anything wrong.  However, by the time I got in to see my doctor the swelling was significantly less.  It eventually got better and went away and then came back again.  It will be fine for a week or two then come back for several weeks - this has been the pattern for over a year.  It is really worrying me and I am desperate to figure out what is wrong.  I would like to mention that I also have some problems with my ears popping.  The ear issues do not always coincide with the eyeball swelling.  I don't know if it could be related, but thought it was worth mentioning.  Thanks for your help.
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Clearly what you need to do is see an Eye MD when your eyelid swelling is severe.  Find one near you at www.aao.org.  have he first appointment and explain the problem.  Bring in photographs that show the swelling.  Arrange a system whereby you can be assured of a same day or next day appointment when the swelling comes  back.  This will give your doctor a lot more to work with.
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