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Temporary black speck in left eye within vision field

Hello I’m age 24 and my OD is -6 with lattice, in the beginning of October the 1st i went to a retinal specialist and had a full extensive examination including dilation as i was worried about retinal problems. I have always had floaters as well. My retinal specialist has told me that everything is fine and clear but i am still getting this odd black speck flash that occurs throughout the day sometimes once a day sometimes numerous times within my left eye. It’s always in the center of the visual field but doesn’t behave like a floater, it lasts for a second and just goes away. I can’t summon it and sometimes i can just look straight into my phone and it’ll appear without moving my eyes or anything then when i look up it’ll follow my vision up but go away very fast. I can see this sometimes  at night and also when my eyes are closed but it’s not permantley there always temporary. I have told my retinal specialist about it and he diagnosed it as a floater and wasn’t worried but being panicky as i am, it doesn’t behave like one nor look like one, any help would be great
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I'm sorry but your description does not allow me to suggest anything as a likely possibility. Next time you see your retina MD ask for a macular OCT and NFL OCT if you have not already had one.
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Thank you for your reply Doctor Hagan! These are done as well, everything was cleared. If i had to describe it it’s kind of like an afterimage but very small speck, just black. Doesn’t happen with a blinking motion it can happen just with my eye open as well it doesn’t just stay in a fixed spot either i see it sometimes in just a different area in the vision field. I’m assuming it may just be a different type of floater that isn’t transparent or maybe a neuro problem? I would also assume the likelihood of a retinal specialist missing something is relatively low as well.
A good plan might be just to monitor it. If nothing changes no problem. If new symptoms appear or present symptoms worsen return to your ophthalmologist.
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How is your condition now? I’m browsing the forum currently as I’ve had the same exact sensation as you in my left eye. I was staring at a wall taking a break from the screen when I noticed a blue light turning into a black speck in my eye. It lasted a few seconds and moved with my vision, but completely blocked out vision within that black area. It wasn’t big at all but big enough to notice it. I also have floaters. Just curious to see if you’ve heard anything else!
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