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Terrified of retinal detachment after concussion.

I suffered a mild concussion 7 months ago and developed new floaters. I got my eyes checked numerous times and was told that everything was normal: normal OCT scans, normal slit lamp example performed by an ophthalmologist after 3 months, 5 months and 7 months. I was told that the impact caused some of my vitreous to move but that everything was healthy. I was discharged as they saw no need for another follow up. No changes occurred in the last 7 months. Despite this reassuring information, I am absolutely convinced that I will get retinal detachment. I am obsessing about the floaters and constantly over analysing my vision. I was told retinal detachment after 7 months was fairly unlikely, I just don’t know how to stop worrying. I feel like I ruined my life.
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The risk of you have a RD is small, certainly less than 1 in a thousand. Your problem is mental. I suggest you see an psychiatrist or psychologist to deal with this disabling emotions. Your problem is more mental than real risk of RD.
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Thank you, doctor! I’m working on my anxiety. It’s hard to not focus on new fosters that weren’t there before. I will try to ignore in the knowledge that RD is unlikely.
Good luck. Anxiety is such a terrible thing to live with daily
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