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Toric IOL Waxy Vision

PLEASE!!!!! I REALLY need help!  I am a healthy 47 year old female (aside from hypothyroidism since a young age).  I had a standard distance lens put in the right eye Dec. 2013.  It went pretty well and now has some clouding and probably needs a YAG I am told (I can handle that).  That is not my problem...…For the left eye I had an astigmatism. One previous doctor said something like 1.15.  My current doctor said 1.2?- 1.3? (approx.)  I cannot remember exactly, but both doctors recommended the toric for that left eye.  I was hesitant because of the money and some things I had read, but I thought that they were specialists and I had two opinions.  So, I did the toric model SN6AT3 (1.5 CYL) 25.0 D. on 4-23-2014.  I have good vision for 5-6 feet (excluding reading- it is a distance lens) and then after that it is blurry (after reading it sounds like what is called waxy vision???). My doctor thinks I should see really well---  all his tests come out good.  But I cannot see clearly (crisply) after 5-6 feet.  He is trying to listen to me, but he now wants me to talk to other doctors for new opinions.  He said the lens is in the right place and everything looks good (of coarse there is still inflammation). He has told me to go from 4 to 6 drops of prednisolone daily.  He did say that in both eye the lens is a bit forward in the sac.  After searching internet, I have read that the lens can cause waxy vision and that this will many times resolve itself as the lens regains the factory manufactured shape (one online article). I don't know what to do or what to think.  I am scared.  What do you know?  What is your advise?
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Sorry for the duplicate. I was trying to make corrections, but there is no edit or delete option.  I did not receive any answer though. The website deleted the duplicates in case you gave your comment one of those posts.  I would really appreciate any input.  Thanks!
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First read this carefully:

This does not sound like waxy vision (WV).   WV is not common with monofocal torics. It is more common with old model ReStor multifocal IOLs.  

Since you vision is clear at some distances (5-6 feet) your problem should be corrected with a pair of glasses that are progressive no line bifocals.  Your RE has "distance vision" in it and is a monofocal so it would need no line bifocal to see distances closer than 20 feet. The toric IOL is not a type of IOL that  allows the eye to change focus (not an accommodating or multifocal IOL) therefore it would need progressive no line bifocals.

If your eyes can see clear with glasses (no line multifocal) you then you need glasses. If they don't see clear with glasses you need a diagnosis and reason why (sounds like your RE has a cloudy posterior capsule).

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